Monday, December 3, 2012

What is Next for the Army of Carthage?

Since I am travelling all this week I have zero time to paint, however I do have plenty of time to think about painting and specifically what I want to be painting next for my Carthaginian army.

I am a bit of an anomaly when it comes to wargamers - I do not have a big pile of miniatures stored away in bins or on shelves, purchased at shows for bargain or collected over the years to haul out and paint on a whim. Sure, I have the spare figure or unit here and there, but I purchase figures for my projects in small batches - a unit here or there. I paint what I have and then I evaluate the state of the project and where it is according to the loose "map" I have in my head of how the army should look, function and perform.

I should get the Ligurian slingers painted up and based fairly quickly this weekend, leaving the army with the following composition:

  • 2 standard units Carthaginian heavy infantry
  • 1 standard unit of Carthaginian heavy cavalry
  • 1 small unit of Ligurian slingers (skirmish)
  • 1 elephant
  • 1 command stand

I need to decide what to purchase and paint next for this wonderful army. Some of what I am thinking about:

1. Libyan Infantry
As an exception to what I said above, I actually own 24 Libyan spearmen that came as part of my original Gripping Beast army bundle. So, on the plus side, these models are in my possession and are just waiting for some nice painting. On the negative, these are not all that different in appearance (they wear linen armor rather than chain shirts) or in their poses from the Carthaginian veterans that I have already painted, so it might get a little boring. They do carry the nice big round shields though.

2. Spanish Infantry
The Spanish infantry played a critical role in the formations and strategies of Hannibal, and so I am eager to add several of these important Spanish Scutarii units to the army. Relic miniatures has some fantastic figures that I look forward to painting - I only wish that they carried the sword (gladius hispaniensis) rather than a spear, at least in some numbers.

3. Gallic Infantry
Some units of these colorful characters would be an absolute joy to paint, but it would also be slow since I would most likely paint each and every model in a unique way, and I am a slowish painter already. All of those colorful trousers, stripes, patterns and decorations would be slow going. Right now, I think these can wait as I am trying to build up the number of units completed - but I am looking forward to them. Like a delicious desert.

4. Skirmishers
More light infantry skirmishers, perhaps Numidian. These are quick and fun to paint and would add some good character and flexibility to the army.

As you can see, I have several directions I could go. I have left out cavalry simply because I need to get more infantry units painted and on the table before I can start thinking about additional mounted units.

I know which direction I am currently leaning. Do you have any thoughts on what the next unit should be?


  1. My vote is for the Spanish Scutarii. The figures look great and you would do them justice.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, nice. You can never go wrong with throwing a bunch of Gauls into the mix for sure. The aesthetics alone of these put them high on the list

  3. "I do not have a big pile of miniatures stored away in bins or on shelves, "

    You and me both. I worry about becoming overloaded with half finished or unstarted projects so I buy only what I'm going to paint.

    And I vote for Spanish Scutarii. Fierce fellows!

  4. I'm a Belgian, so I vote for the "Gallic infantry"! :-D


  5. Personally id go for the Libyans as you already have them...

    But once you painted them up id go for more skirmishers, make the enemy chase you whilst you pick em off one by one.