Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Hail Caesar Tokens

Playing Hail Caesar requires certain record keeping be done for each unit on the table. This can be accomplished in many creative ways or by simply using the handy pencil and paper. I like to keep my gaming tables fairly neat and tidy, and so piles of loose and sloppy bits scattered about to count or indicate states of units is generally unwelcome. I don't have the time right now (hey, I'm painting an army here!) to create markers using wounded or dead soldier figures, and so I have simply created a set of my own small tokens to be used in games. The larger tokens are only 20mm in diameter and the smaller tokens just 15mm - all made using the bases from Warbases.

The red tokens are the sum of casualties on the unit, the grey token indicates that a unit has been disordered and the yellow token indicates that the unit has been shaken.


  1. Looking good. You're going to need a lot more of all of those. I'm just saying.

  2. These look good. Definitely beats pile of dice beside units. Also I have nominated you for (another) Liebster award.