Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hannibal & His Horse

Hannibal, supreme commander of the mighty Carthaginian army, enjoys a rare moment of solitude and comfort beneath a large shade tree. Perhaps he is surveying the readiness of the army as it marches toward the day's destination. Perhaps he is awaiting the coming of a Gallic chieftain or other envoy to discuss alliance and terms. Perhaps he is watching the construction of mighty siege works that will bring down the walls of yet another city that was foolish enough to turn him away. But for now it is quiet, and he finds himself thinking of both the past and the future....


Originally, I had planned to populate Hannibal's command stand with other interesting characters - a Greek historian, a standard bearer and even other decorated army commanders. A scene of war and preparation, perhaps a council. But after painting the models I thought the scene you see here more appropriate. Hannibal is alone beneath a tree, his shield propped up against the tree trunk while his horse waits patiently nearby . A scene of temporary peace and introspection amidst war and chaos.

The painting and construction of command stands has become my favorite part of this hobby. It offers a chance to construct a scene and to tell a story. I hope you like this one of Hannibal and his horse.


  1. An excellent base! You almost didn't need to base the stone up!

  2. Nice little vignette Jonathan!