Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maps of Rome, Carthage and the Punic Wars

I have a great love for maps and so over the past year I have enjoyed gathering and saving various maps related to my current Punic Wars project. Some of these maps give a fantastic overview of the region at the time, some show the expanse and retreat of the Roman and Carthaginian empires, while others map the specific troop movements and battles of the wars. These maps will be extremely useful for planning and playing a campaign with my Roman and Carthaginian armies once they are completed.

I thought I would gather these maps all up into one post for others who may be interested in these as a resource.

General Maps of the Region at the Time of the Punic Wars

Map of the Mediterranean from the Punic Wars to Mithridates

Map of North Africa in Ancient Times

Map of Italy

Roman Expansion from 264 to 180 BC

Maps of the Hannibal's Invasion

Hannibals' March with Battle Locations

Hannibal's Invasion Route

Josheph Minard's Classic Graphic of Hannibal's Invasion

Battle Maps of the Punic Wars

Battle of Cannae Initial Phase
Battle of Cannae Middle Phases

Battle of Cannae Final Phase

Battle of Trasimene

Battle of Trebia

Battle of Zama


  1. nicely done, Jonathan! I do wish we lived within driving distance. All these maps make me want to get a game of ancients in!

  2. Going to steal these, especially the first few, thanks. Have you come across this blog yet?

    Very cool if you're a map junkie.


  3. Hey Jonathan, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the maps, you got some good ones there


  5. Great resources. I'll be back for another look.

  6. Thanks everybody. I'm glad these are so enjoyable and useful to others. :)