Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ancient History Well Kept

I love beautiful, well-designed and well-informed magazines, especially those that I can keep as reference material in a collection near my desk. One of my favorite magazines currently is Ancient History (and Medieval History) published by Karwansaray Publishing. My collection of these magazines has been growing and so I recently purchased a pair of their beautiful magazine binders to store my issues. Each binder has an absolutely fantastic cover illustration and are very high quality. Issues are stored within the binders using a simple system of metal rods that allows for the reading of the magazines while still inside the binder or, if preferred, issues can be removed from the binder very easily. This was a great purchase and if you read and collect these magazines then I highly recommend these binders.

The cover illustrations are amazing.

It is easy to reference articles while still in the binder.


  1. Thank you for this "nudge" Jonathan. I just put in a 2 year subscription...better late than never!

  2. Hmmm. Resolve to limit spending eroding . . . .


    1. Ah yes, mine went out the window some time ago. :)