Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Principes Preparation

Next up for the Republican Roman army is two small units of principes. Like the other figures in this army, these are all by Aventine Miniatures. I decided to represent the entire unit wielding their gladii rather than having any pila in the mix. Aventine provides all of these figures with the sword arm detached, which allows for a wide range of attack poses which is a very nice touch.

Prepping models isn't one of my favorite aspects of the hobby, and so I choose to do it it small bunches -- usually just enough to complete a single full unit. This is very likely a much slower process in the long run than preparing a full eighty figures at once, but it breaks up the un-fun into manageable chunks.

The Aventine figures are great when it comes to getting them ready for priming and painting. There are very few seams or cast lines - and those that do exist are very faint, easy to remove and are never on the face or other vital pieces. Most of the work seems to be getting their bases flat and even.


  1. Get an 8 inch File from home depot for bases. They are amazing at getting things flat. I use them for all of my metal minis that have a precast metal tab on the bottom.

    1. I have one of those! I use it to sharpen my crampons... why didn't I think of that?! Thanks Nick - always good to hear from you. :)

  2. I like your choice of the gladii versus the pilum. They'll look like they're about to get stuck in!

  3. Funny I was going to mention the file (though I only bought mine yesterday as was struggling to track one down)

    Looking forward to seeing these painted and I too am not a fan of prepping


  4. Awesome models!

    I can only concur on the not-fun part of prepping mini's...

  5. Nice looking range of figures. I like your method of managing the un-fun.

  6. Jonathan that are some fine figures. I've got you a question though. How do you glue metal figures. I have some to glue and having problems with that. Can you help?