Friday, July 19, 2013

Work on the Hastati Continues...

I was finally able to start putting paint to the second unit of Roman hastati after a busy summer at both work and play. These figures paint up rather quickly and nicely - so it shouldn't be long before another unit is finished. I'm looking forward to getting enough Roman units done so I can field both sides of a (small) battle and get my brother involved in some historical games with me.

In other news, I just finished reading The Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane. It wasn't as inspirational as I thought it might be, but it was entertaining enough that I have purchased the second title in the series to continue the story. I'll put up a full book review very soon.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Very Slight Pause

As we all know, this thing called life can often unexpectedly toss things our way that require time, energy and attention. This has happened to me over the last several weeks. Summer vacations, Boy Scout camps with my son, climbing trips with my brother and a product launch date at work that is rapidly approaching have all whittled into my normal hobby time substantially. I miss painting, playing and being connected to the hobby through everybody's blogs and wonderful projects.

I am travelling all of this week to the east coast, but this should mark the end of the chaos and the return of some regular hobby time (and posts!) next week.