Monday, July 8, 2013

A Very Slight Pause

As we all know, this thing called life can often unexpectedly toss things our way that require time, energy and attention. This has happened to me over the last several weeks. Summer vacations, Boy Scout camps with my son, climbing trips with my brother and a product launch date at work that is rapidly approaching have all whittled into my normal hobby time substantially. I miss painting, playing and being connected to the hobby through everybody's blogs and wonderful projects.

I am travelling all of this week to the east coast, but this should mark the end of the chaos and the return of some regular hobby time (and posts!) next week.



  1. It happens to all of us dude. When you come back to it you should be recharged and eager.

  2. I know that feeling. I am struggling to find time and motivation to paint, build or even play right now. Concentrating on work and errands a lot.

    Don't think I have posted on my blog for 2 months :(

  3. The hobby has no sell by dates so all will settle down again.

    Looking forward to having posts from you again


  4. Camp with your son? Trips with your brother? Those are things that can't be missed and you'll remember a lifetime!

    Enjoy summer and we'll all be here when you're rested and refitted!