Thursday, December 13, 2012

The General Hannibal Barca

This is Hannibal Barca, general and supreme commander of the Carthaginian army during the Second Punic War against the Romans. His name, Hanba'al in his Punic language, means Mercy of Ba'al. He is widely considered the greatest strategist and military commander of all time - although when asked by his rival Scipio to list the greatest military commanders, Hannibal is said to have responded by naming Alexander the Great, Pyrrhus and then himself.

This is a Relic miniature that was an absolute joy to paint. The amazing detail, the fabulous pose and the quality of the sculpt made this figure an instant favorite of mine. I hope I did it justice. I had originally thought to use a white and purple color palette, but in the end I decided to go with a more dramatic black and red palette which I think worked very well.

Hannibal will be placed on a command stand with some other figures and will be the general of my Carthaginian army for Hail Caesar.


  1. A superb Hannibal, looking forward to the completed command stand!

  2. Yah, s'pretty. Cloak is especially nice.

  3. Wonderful work and the red does pop.

  4. Many thanks for visiting and for the comments. I'm looking forward to getting Hannibal on the gaming table soon!

  5. Hannibal is looking very nice!

  6. Excellent painted figure! Nice work on the details and shading!