Friday, March 8, 2013

Numidian Cavalry: WIP No.2

The Numidians are very nearly complete - all that is left for me to do is finish up some minor details, a little dry-brushing here and there and making the bases look pretty with grass and stones. Photos of the finished unit will be posted this weekend so stay tuned!

I wanted the shields for these horsemen to look as if rough hides had been stretched and fitted to the frames, and while they didn't turn out exactly how I had envisioned them, I think they look pretty good. The skin tone was a bit tricky at first - I wanted to avoid the deep black colors of southern Africans and so I finally ended up choosing Vallejo's Mahogony Brown (139) which turned out to be a beautiful and rich shade for the skin.

My original plan was to base the Numidians all individually, but I really do prefer the aesthetics of multiple figures on a base, and so these will be two figures to a 60mm x 60mm base. The slightly larger base size allows me to space them out a bit more than normal and position them in interesting angles to help give the unit a more open-order feel to it.

Colors used for the Numidians:
  Vallejo: Mahogany Brown
  Citadel: Rakarth Flesh
  Vallejo: Tan-Earth
  Citadel: Khorne Red
  Citadel: Abaddon Black
  Citadel: Ushabti Bone
  Citadel: Steel Legion Drab

Colors used for the six horses:
  Citadel: Tallarn Sand
  Citadel: Snakebite Leather
  Citadel: Mournfang Brown
  Citadel: Doombull Brown
  Citadel: Rhinox Hide
  Vallejo: Burnt Umber


  1. Excellent, the skin tones look spot on. And the extra spacing on the base is perfect for making them look like the loose order skirmishers they were!

    Which begs the question, how does HC treat light horse like these fellows?

    1. Monty, these guys are pretty good in HC with the special rule "Feigned Flight" which allows them to move out of combat. This will be very hand in harassing the enemy without getting stuck in combat against tougher enemies.

      This will be a small unit. They have a pretty nice clash value (first combat turn) but also very high morale save of 6+.

    2. Nice to hear that. I've always been down on the fact that in Field of Glory, Numidian horse don't have any special ability over any other light horse.

  2. Looking great Jonathan. I hope mine come out half as well.

    1. Thanks Aaron. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.