Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hail Caesar Unit Reference Cards Available!

I have decided to create and share the unit reference cards I designed for several ancient army lists. These unit reference cards are designed as a quick and easy way to access the statistics and special rules for units being played during a game of Hail Caesar. These files can be printed on card stock, cut-out, and then placed in standard-sized plastic sleeves for added protection. Each individual unit card is 3.5" x 2.5".

More information and a way to download individual army files (PDF) can be found by clicking the navigation link for the Hail Caesar Unit Reference Cards found in the header.

Currently there are three files available:
  • Antigonid
  • Carthaginian
  • The Confederated Allies of Seleucus, Cassander and Lysimachus.
This list will grow as I will be adding several new army files for download, including Republican Romans, in the very near future.

The re-fight of the Battle of Ipsus at the big Adepticon conference in Chicago will be using these unit reference cards to help make the game smoother and more easily managed. I wish them luck and the game sounds fantastic!

I hope others find these cards useful in their games. If you do, let me know!


  1. This is such an excellent offer...sharing the fruits of your labor. People like you are a big part of the reason I love this hobby so much.

    I wish I could get down to Chicago for that Con.

    1. Thanks Monty. :)

      I am already planning on attending Adepticon next year... maybe I'll see you there. :)