Sunday, March 17, 2013

Battle Report: Carthaginian Mercenary Uprising

I was finally able to play a game of Hail Caesar with my eleven-year-old son Maxwell yesterday afternoon. We have played Lord of the Rings together many times before and so he is not new to miniature gaming and he has been watching the growing Carthaginian army with great interest (He loves all things Roman and so is really pushing me to get the Republican Roman army started!).

Since we only have one army, we decided to split the Carthaginians in half and play a scenario that saw a small group of Libyan, Spanish and Numidian allies angry about not receiving their pay from the Barcids. To take matters in their own hands they foolishly decided to attack a nearby Carthaginian camp in hopes of securing some treasure.

It was a very straightforward game as I was teaching Maxwell the rules. He particularly enjoyed playing the part of the leader of the rebel band and shouting commands to each unit and then threatening them with terrible consequences when his orders were not followed!

The Numidian light cavalry saw their first action on the field and were the heroes of the day as they were able to push the Carthaginian formed cavalry entirely off the field. Their swiftness and agility, which allows them within the rules to move out of combat, is a huge asset and I'm looking forward to trying them against the stubborn Romans.

It was a very fun afternoon. Please enjoy these photos of the game:

The enemy commander Maxwell prepares the battle lines.

The mercenaries had control of a Carthaginian elephant.

Skirmishers prepare to engage.

The commander of the unhappy mercenaries looking for their pay.

The moment just prior to the lines clashing.

The Carthaginian elite guard races to secure the flank.

Lines separate and small fights break-out across he field.

The Numidians are released to engage the enemy.

Loyal veterans assaulted by the Spanish and a large elephant.


  1. Great looking figures, great looking game!!

    1. It is always a pleasure to push around those little figures I spend so much time painting. :)

  2. Nice batrep and wonderful figures!

  3. You are truly blessed to be able to share your hobby and passion for ancients with your son. What a great afternoon!

    1. Thanks Monty - it really was a remarkable afternoon sharing my hobby and passion with my son while seeing his interest grow and the gleam in his eyes looking at all the figures.

  4. Great looking game and armies. Very cool to see your son having fun with his Dad. My teenage son and I also share an interest in wargaming and play the occassional game- great fun.

  5. Looking really nice :)

    You are lucky that your young lad is interested in the wee fellas, sadly my lad never showed any interest apart from drifting into the cave to have a yarn etc, look over what I was doing, comment and head off with his mates.

    "quote" (He loves all things Roman and so is really pushing me to get the Republican Roman army started!).

    Sounds like you need to get him a couple brushes and handful of figures to start painting ;)


    1. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by Dave. Maxwell has sat and painted with me before, but it is definitely time to get him started on some ancients!