Friday, February 22, 2013

The Entire Carthaginian Army

The second unit of the Spanish Scutarii have finally been added to the mighty Carthaginian army under the watchful eye of Hannibal and his most decorated officers. These warriors have been placed in the army's center with each wing held by Hannibal's must trusted veterans. The army gathered in the early morning mists shortly after breakfast in the hopes of inviting the Romans, that had camped not far off, to battle on the ground of their own choosing. The lazy Romans were not roused, despite creative taunts, and so the Carthaginians went back to bed.

After finishing up the basing of the Scutarii yesterday, I thought I would take a look at the state of the army.
  • Two standard units of Liby-Phoenician veterans
  • Two standard units of Spanish Scutarii
  • Two small units of Ligurian slingers
  • One standard unit of Liby-Phoenician cavalry
  • One elephant and crew
  • Three command stands including Hannibal and Mago Barca
That is 100 figures, 11 horses and 1 elephant painted and based for this project since August 17, 2012. That is six months work. Not bad.

These guys are going to battle against Aaron's Romans tomorrow. Wish them luck, and may the blessing hand of Tanit protect them and the arm of Ba'al Hammon smite the enemy.


  1. A wonderful army! Great work!

  2. They look lovely ranked up like that - hope they give the Romans hell!

  3. These look very very nice, great to see them all out together


  4. Those are very nice! I do like a good looking Carthaginian army!

  5. What's the technical term? "Balls-out awesome", I think it is?

  6. Lovely Carthaginians! Good luck in your game.

  7. Very nice looking army Jonathan! I need your painting motivation to rub off on me!

    1. Good to hear from you Nick. I haven't seen you in awhile, hopefully soon. What are you painting/playing these days?

  8. Thanks everybody for the comments and compliments. I am really enjoying this project and I'm glad you are too. :)

  9. They're a great looking bunch, Jonathan, with a good number of options! I do hope they cover their general in glory tomorrow!

  10. That's some really nice mini's. You are quite a photographer too I must admit :) Keep up the good work!