Monday, February 18, 2013

Second Scutarii Nearing Completion

I have been back at the painting table this week and it has felt great. The second unit of Spanish Scutarii is shaping up nicely. I only have a few more models to paint and they will be ready to base tonight or tomorrow. Good thing too, because Hannibal is going to need them for a battle against the Romans this weekend (am I the only one that gets excited about a game that is almost a week away?)

On a side note, the blog recently hit 20,000 page views. That is a pretty nice milestone, but really it is the connections I have been able to make through this blog and the opportunity to share my interest with friendly like-minded people that makes this worthwhile, not the numbers. Thanks to everybody.

Only a few more models to paint and the unit will be complete.


  1. I just love these guys and I hope they tear it up this weekend for you! The orange, white and black scratch painted shields are wonderful and a little different from the rest of the crowd.

    How do they get treated in HC? The Ancient Spanish were fierce in the charge so I'm curious what distinguishes them in the game.

    Lastly, you keep a great blog and your views AND followers will just grow and grow! Congrats!

    1. Thanks Monty! In Hail Caesar these Scutarii are considered medium infantry and while they don't have any bonus to their clash (charge) value they do have a very nice special rule that penalizes their enemy with a -1 to their moral saves during the first round of combat. This is due to the heavy throwing spears that they carried. They can be deadly.

    2. That's right, it's the an all iron javelin that could punch through a shield. I do love the ancient Spanish in case you can't tell!

  2. They are lovely - and congrats on hitting 20,000!

  3. I love that colour scheme. The orange just leaps off the table.

  4. Colors are really impresive, a great work!

  5. Looking really good! I really need your painting motivation to rub off on me. I have been slacking hard lately.