Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scutarii & Random Thoughts

I have been painting at a snail's pace since finishing the last unit of Spanish Scutarii - you know the story, stress at work picks up, motivation goes down and attention gets diverted to other important things. But I am painting again and working to get the second unit of Scutarii done... the good news is that I have another battle against the Romans on the 23rd of this month so the promise of sweet revenge will give me some added motivation.

I have been on Aventine's site almost every day this week wanting to place an order for some of their fantastic Republican Romans but I have yet to add anything to my shopping cart. The problem is there are just far too many choices, there is something like 23 different 4-figure packs for the Principes alone in their catalog. I'm overwhelmed by the variety and so I do nothing.

I'm also about to place another order with Relic for some nice pieces to shore up the Carthaginians. I need a command figure to represent Hasdrubal Barca (the other brother to Hannibal), another elephant for the army and some Numidian cavalry and/or skirmishers.

Now, I'm going back to some painting... Have a good weekend everybody.

Some proof that I am in fact still painting the Spanish Scutarii.


  1. Aventine is top shelf. You can't go wrong there!

    In 15mm, I veered toward the swords drawn option, so that it looked like they were going in. Less pilums to bend or get snagged. Of course, this was a personal choice and in 28mm, everything is different!

  2. I do hate the lulls that come with painting, now get on that site and order the figures!!!

  3. It happens. I think the worst thing you can do is try and force yourself to paint when you lack the motivation. When your hobby starts to feel like an obligation, you're doing something wrong.

    1. I agree with this. To get myself back into the swing of things the first thing I do is halt the "production-line" approach and sit and paint individual models from start to end until I have some momentum again... :)