Sunday, November 25, 2012

Skirmishers on the Work Table

The Carthaginian army was a mass of humanity that was extremely diverse in language, dress, custom and nationality. With the core of my Carthaginian Liby-Phoenician units completed, I wanted to bring some of this diversity, national flavor, and character to my army. I was able to get a good start on a unit of Ligurian slingers this weekend, and since I will be travelling all of next week, I wanted to post up a couple quick work-in-progress photos. These figures are by Relic Miniatures.

No more bronze armor or spears. No more drilled formations or oval shields. These men walked on to the fierce and bloody battlefields wearing nothing more than simple linen tunics and carrying a bag of stones. But, from what I have read, they were extremely accurate and extremely deadly. The stones would have been nearly impossible for an enemy to see coming and they traveled with such force they would shatter limbs, shields and armor. They were a devastating piece of the ancient armies, especially in the early stages of a battle.

I am painting these skirmishers to be beleaguered, dirty and worn - as I imagine they must have been.

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