Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nifty Paint Organizer

I have been searching for a smart way to organize my numerous paint pots and finally get them off my painting table where they eventually become scattered all over the place. Many blogs have suggested a few solutions and I have seen some advertised on places like eBay, but for whatever reason, I just didn't like any of them.

And then my smart wife suggested looking at the little kitchen drawer organizers for coffee pods used in home brewing systems. Brilliant! I recommend the Nifty Solutions 54 Coffee Pod Drawer. This is a perfect for holding the paint pods made by by Games Workshop (Citadel) and will store 90 of these per unit. I bought two at the local Bed Bath & Beyond while shopping for a potato ricer and a shower caddy. Win on all accounts.

The drawer is made of black metal, it looks sharp, and it is easy to organize and find the paints. My table has never looked better.

The Nifty coffee pod organizer is perfect for paints.


  1. How does it rate for higher bottles, e.g. P3 paints (the old GW bottles)?

    1. Those would work without a doubt. I don't know the exact dimensions of those particular paints, but there is a lot of room, both width and height, in the drawers with the current GW pots.