Saturday, November 24, 2012

Paying it Forward

A thousand thanks to The Monkey that Walks for nominating this blog for a Liebster award! It is a nice thing to know that people appreciate the site, the painting and even some of the words that go along with it all. I hope there is much more quality to come.

The Liebster awards are making their rounds in the blog circles as a creative way to showcase high-quality blogs with a following of less than two-hundred. Once nominated, you must then nominate five blogs to receive the award themselves.

I am nominating the following five blogs based on the sheer quality and volume of inspiration they provide. These are the sites that showcase such superb work that it simply makes me want to improve and become a better painter or to get bigger and better armies on the table. In no particular order:

Army Royal
The modelling, conversions and painting that Stuart puts up on his blog are absolutely gorgeous. He works primarily with 28mm renaissance figures and I fall in love with each and every one he posts.

Project Auldearn 1645
When I began my own English Civil War project, this is the site that had me drooling and dreaming of what my own Scottish army could look like one day. The hand-crafted flags are amazing and the tartans are unequaled by anything I have seen.

Dulce et Decorum Est
Aaron has been my foe on the gaming table on many occasions. His blog is eclectic and covers everything from Romans to Science Fiction, Lord of the Rings to World War II. His painting is always an inspiration as is his passion for the hobby and the fun he brings to our group.

Italian Wars Flags
This is just pure, undiluted eye candy. This site covers the Italian Wars with the emphasis on the flags and heraldry associated with that conflict. These are absolutely stunning and the painting is top-notch as well. I always look forward to a new post by Pete.

Watch That Flank!
Craig over at Watch That Flank! paints some stunning ancients that never fail to inspire me to do better. I admire his subtle use of color and the color palettes he chooses for his units are always amazing and well thought out. Don't miss this site!