Friday, November 9, 2012

Dear [secret] Santa

Ian, the boss over at The Blog With No Name, has organized a secret Santa event for bloggers this holiday season. This should be loads of fun and I am looking forward to finding that "oh this is perfect" gift for the person I have drawn. Ian suggested that those participating throw up a quick wish-list to give our secret Santa some ideas for the gift giving, so here it goes (it is always nice to feel like you are age seven again!)

1. Carthaginian Veteran Command by Relic Miniatures
2. Gallic Chieftain by Relic Miniatures
3. Anything from Eureka's line of Montrose Irish, including the characters like the priest, drummer and standard bearer.

Hope that helps.

This weekend will see me completing the Carthaginian cavalry unit. Work has been a nightmare, so I am very much looking forward to some relaxation and painting.

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