Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Three New Citadel Brushes

I always enjoy going down to the store and purchasing new brushes - it is something shiny and new and it also means I have been doing enough actual painting with the old brushes to wear them out and send them packing.

I have tried many different brushes from a variety of brand names - and I have found the brushes from Citadel to be fairly excellent. They last for a decent amount of time, their bristles are made of Kolinsky sable (except for the drybrush, which has some nylon in it) and they hold the water and paint well. I especially like their detail brushes that allow me to do some nice work in the tight areas. I have found that the Citadel brushes do tend to "fork" which is a problem that leads to occasional frustration but this can be fixed with some work.

Today I picked up three new Citadel brushes - the Fine Detail Brush, the Standard Brush (gotta love that name) and the Small Drybrush. Easily ninety-five percent of my all my painting is done with just these three brushes. They may not the best brushes out there, but I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement yet.


  1. I've had far too many bad experience's with these brushes, they've never lasted more than a couple of weeks before they've split and become impossible to use.

  2. Which brushes do you use Ray?

  3. I use a variety, at the moment though I'm using a No 1 Galeria from Windsor and Newton and a few Cotman also from W&N. I also use the cheaper ProArte Prolene range, which are not too bad.

  4. How do you deal with the forking? It is driving me nuts!

    1. I agree, and the latest Citadel brushes that I purchased didn't last long and were very disappointing. I have since started using the Raphael Kolinsky red sable and I am very happy with them (although they are more expensive). I hope to have a review of the brushes up soon.

      Thanks for visiting.