Sunday, June 17, 2012

Macpherson Royalist Regiment: WIP No.1

A beautifully lazy Sunday has me working on my ECW project and listening to Sigur Rós. All of the models for this regiment are cleaned, mounted on temporary plastic bases and base-coated in black (I use Games Workshop's Chaos Black spray).

I have begun applying paint to a couple test models to start playing with color palettes. Lots of shades of grays, tans, browns and yellows with splashes of blues and reds. I am using both Games Workshop and Vallejo paints. Of course, these are highlanders and so some tartans are going to be required eventually - but honestly, painting those is a scary prospect.

With each new project, I tell myself that I will paint in a more assembly-line manner, maybe 4 models at a time, to speed up the process and become a more efficient painter. However, there is something about the way my brain is wired that really pushes me towards painting each figure individually, painstakingly one at a time, giving each of them a unique touch, before moving to the next. That is a great and satisfying approach until you have a pile of lead to work through. I'm certainly in no rush, I enjoy the process nearly as much as the result, but I do want to get some models on the gaming table!

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