Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Tartan Painting: an Improvement

I put some work in on painting another tartan today and I like the way it turned out quite a lot actually. I gave a lighter colored tartan a try and it looks fantastic at a bit of a distance on the table. Things get exciting when you can see some progress being made.


  1. Looks really good Jonathan. Your painting skills are definitely improving with every model. On a different note, I am having a hard time finding the "Follow this blog" button on your page.

  2. Hey Nick! Thanks for checking in here and for the comment. You couldn't find a "follow" button because it wasn't there... I've added one to the right bar now...

    ~ Jonathan

  3. A great blog Jonathan! Very nice tartan too, it's not one of my favourite things to paint!!! Why don't you put up a followers list, it'll make it a lot easier for people who enjoy your work?