Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Campaigns of Alexander

I recently added a new book to my reference library, and one that I am very excited about: The Campaigns of Alexander, written by Arrian with a translation by Pamela Mensch and edited by James Romm. This is a hefty tome and spans the historical timeline from Autumn of 336 to the summer of 323 - so yes, everything from Alexander being crowned king to his death from a fever.

This volume was written by the second-century historian known as Arrian, whose given name was Lucius Flavius Arrianus. Arrian was an ethnic Greek from Nicomedia, he was also, proudly, a Roman citizen. In fact, he achieved the very rare double distinction of attaining the top office of the consulship at Rome and being appointed an archon at Athens.

This is a large book of 500 pages and is full of maps, diagrams and photographs from important archaeological sites as well as extensive footnotes and references for further study.

I have some other books to read  before I get to this, but I am looking forward to this. Anybody with an interest in the military life of Alexander, the wars of the region or the history of the ancient world should pick up this text.


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