Friday, September 7, 2012

Carthaginian Command Base Finished

"[Hannibal] was not alone, never alone. Relatively little is known about the officers and unit commanders who left with him on the great adventure, but as with many other illustrious captains, they appear to have been a close group of friends and family, and with few exceptions they appear to have stayed with him for the duration.... They formed a cadre brilliantly attuned to their commander's intent, instinctively carrying out his will with timing that could only have come from complete and mutual trust. Without them Hannibal never would have made it to Italy, and with them, he would win victory after victory."

~ Robert L. O'Connell, The Ghosts of Cannae


  1. Nice vignette - good scene going here.

  2. I have just come across this (after reading your recent Carthaginian mercenary uprising report). Fantastic work! What figures did you use? I assume there is some conversion work here too.

    1. Thanks Simon, I am really fond of this command base as it was the first I did for the Carthaginians. The figures are all Gripping Beast and are mixed from several of their different model sets (command, veterans, etc). There wasn't any conversion work done.

      Thanks for visiting. :)