Friday, September 28, 2012

A Major Award!

In yesterday's mail I received a small package from England, which is just about enough to get anybody excited. It turned out to be the prize I won from Ian who writes the fantastic Blog with No Name and who quite honestly seems to be the type of guy I could sit down with in a pub over a few pints and have a good conversation and a few laughs. In other words, a good fellow.

I had been looking forward to receiving this prize since I learned that I was the lucky winner. It is a 54mm drummer boy of the British Foot Guards from Waterloo, 1815. The Figure was made by Sarum Soldiers, Ltd. in London. My first reaction when I pulled it from the packaging was "Wow, this seems vintage." This is not a new figure, and after some brief research I haven't been able to determine when this specific model may have been made - but it does appear that it is no longer manufactured. The model came with its own base, a selection of heads, a saber, some detached arms and, of course, the drum. It really is a nice model.

I am excited and anxious to begin this little painting project. It is a first for me for two reasons: first, this will be the first figure larger than 28mm that I have painted, so I will probably need to adjust some of the things I normally do when painting and second, I have never painted a Napoleonic Wars figure despite having a very large interest in the conflict and the armies.

I will certainly document the entire process of painting this fantastic model here on the blog and hope to get this started soon.

And Ian, thanks again!

Royal mail is enough to get anybody excited!

The packaged model.

Included was a sheet with detailed painting instructions.

A very nice photograph for reference.

Reverse of the photograph are hints for assemply.

All the figure's bits.


  1. Nice one!! What head are you gonna use?

    1. I am leaning toward the "shako with badge and plume", which is very fancy and suitable for Foot Guards at Waterloo.

  2. Glad it arrived safe, took longer than I expected though. Just one point, the littl bits of flash like metal are also parts such as the strap that hangs below the drum. If they have now gone, well you can always scratch build it in ;-)

    The figure is vintage, can't say when it was released though as I got it with a few others. The seller seems to trade in all sorts and has had other figures at times.

    Hope you have fun working on it and I look forward to following your progress


    1. Ian, I do have that metal bit but I wasn't sure if it was just scrap. Thanks for the info!