Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Painting the Carthage Veterans

Progress is moving along nicely on my Carthaginians - I'm getting a little time to paint each night which really helps... you know, that slow but steady thing. I am painting these in batches of six models, which will comprise a full base of figures with each unit having three bases for a frontage of 180mm. I'm trying to get at least four full units of my Carthaginians done as soon as I can since they have some very respectable Romans to rout on the battlefield.

For my own record-keeping, and perhaps because others may find this beneficial, here is my process and colors used to paint this unit of veterans. I am listing a mix of old and new-name Games Workshop paint colors since that is what I have. It will be easy enough to make the conversion if you need to. As a designer, I would much rather be working in Pantone numbers.

01. Basecoat in black
02. Paint all skin using GW Tallarn Flesh
03. Paint the tunic using GW Loren Forest
04. Paint the chainshirt using GW Chainmail
05. Paint the greaves and helm using GW Shining Gold
06. Paint the helemt frontage and decorations using GW Tin Bitz
06. Paint the hair and beard (if any) using GW Chaos Black
07. Paint the sandals using Vallejo Burnt Umber
08. Paint the leather belts and straps using Vallejo Tan-Earth
09. Paint the sword and dagger scabbards using GW Mournfang Brown
10. Paint the sword hilt using GW Ushabti Bone
11. Paint the dagger hilt using GW Boltgun Metal
12. Wash only the chain shirt using GW Devlan Mud
13. Wash only the greaves and helm using GW Gryphonne Sepia
14. Drybrush the chain shirt using GW Chainmail
15. Paint the chain shirt trim using GW Dwarf Bronze
16. Paint the sword scabbard details using GW Dwarf Bronze
17. Touch-up any painting mistakes
17. Wash entire model except for the chain shirt using GW Devlan Mud
18. Drybrush greaves and helm using GW Shining Gold
19. Highlight tunic using GW Nurgling Green

Carthaginian veterans nearing completion.


  1. Great looking figures and a nice paint list.

  2. Those are coming along brilliantly. My Romans are looking forward to stomping all over them.

  3. Coming on nice, what a lot of colurs and stages LOL


    1. Haha, yeah. I tend to over-do it a bit. But I always like the results. :)