Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ancient Warfare & Medieval Warfare

On Sunday mornings I very much enjoy going to the local bookstore, getting a nice cup of coffee and browsing magazines and books. I have discovered a couple of wonderful magazines during this regular trip that I now purchase each time a new issue hits the shelf. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and pick up Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare - you can thank me later.

These magazines are well designed, of very high production quality and hold a wealth information on topics including battle formations, equipment, daily life of soldiers, politics, weapons, military training, intrigue, baggage trains... well, you get the idea. The magazine is full of amazing illustrations of soldiers for inspiration for us wargamers as well as detailed maps of campaigns and battles that could be very useful. But be warned, these magazines will set you to dreaming of new armies and projects, so make room on your table.

It is a bit pricey over here in the States ($9.99 a copy), but if you buy them one issue at a time with a cup of coffee you will never notice.

I highly recommend these magazines.

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