Sunday, August 12, 2012

Highlander Pikes WIP No.1

My goal for this weekend was to paint and base eight Scottish Highlander pikemen. Well, I am off to a decent start - despite being distracted by other things, I nearly completed four figures yesterday (I still need to paint a tartan on the bald man's plaid and do some touch-ups and highlighting to the others) . After a week away it was very enjoyable to spend some time at my work table.

I really like the model of the bald pikeman from Eureka. He is completely wrapped in his plaid and has discarded his bonnet. Unlike the other figures, he doesn't hold the pike in one hand, but instead holds it close to his body, almost using it for support, as if it were a staff or walking stick instead of a weapon. He seems to be a wise veteran, perhaps just returned from fighting in the Thirty Years' War.

Today should see some more progress as there is a baseball game this afternoon and I like to paint while listening to a ball game.

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  1. Other than the pose of three of them, they are all so very different, should make a good mixed unit