Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Return from Scotland!

I'm back from a most excellent trip to Scotland - it was absolutely fantastic with so much to take in and so many amazing thing to see and do. My internal clock is still a bit off, so I have been wide awake since 5:00 a.m. today unpacking, sorting photos and even sitting at my worktable preparing the Roman Hastati for painting!

We flew into London, had a fun night at a great restaurant even though we felt like zombies. The next morning we caught our Virgin train to Glasgow where we rented a car and drove (nervously) to Edinburgh. Our journey over the next ten amazing days took us to Bonnyrigg, Perth, Newtonmore, Inverness and then back down to Glasgow for the last few days. My highlights of the trip included staying in a magnificent 13th century castle, visiting the Clan Macpherson museum, drinking many delicious ciders, spending time at the Culloden battlefield, the absolutely breathtaking drive down the A82 through the Lochs of the highlands, and the Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis

I'll will be making a separate post with photos in the near future about my time at the Culloden battlefield since that will be of the most interest to the readers of this blog -- and it was an amazing place.

I did miss painting while I was away, and the short break from the hobby has me excited to really get back into it full-swing. I will be priming and getting started on painting the two units of Hastati today.

I'm glad to be back and I look forward to catching up on everybody's blogs!

Here are a few photos from my trip:

Somewhere near Loch Lochy on a rainy day.

A drive through the highlands.

Ballathie House near Perth.

Bunchrew House near Inverness.

Dalhousie Castle, Midlothian.

The highlands at last!

A memorial within the Glasgow Cathedral.

The magnificent Glasgow Cathedral.

The Scottish highlands near Newtonmore.


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself, I'm looking forward to the Culloden pics!

  2. Beautiful pictures for a beautiful Country !
    I'd a trip in Scotland many years ago and I wish that I'll go there in the future!
    (The North is fantastic! and the people very nice too ! Great!)

  3. That looks like the trip of a lifetime! It must have been great to get away, recharge those batteries and soak up all the history and color.

  4. A great looking break in a very nice part of the country. Haven't been at Culloden for years so haven't seen the new centre etc. Look forward to see your report.