Sunday, April 14, 2013

Still Making Progress...

It has been a busy week for me hobby-wise but not a lot of actual painting got done. I am still making some progress on the Libyan infantry and I should have them completed and based for the Big Game next weekend. So what have I been doing this week?
  • Received and read several new titles from Osprey Publishing that cover the Republican Romans as well as the armies of Muscovy and Ivan IV (the Terrible).
  • Researched the Livonian War in great depth and began looking for manufacturers that make suitable miniatures. Not sure when this project will actually happen, but I like thinking about it.
  • Compiled my order from Aventine Miniatures for a legion of the Roman Republic.
  • Read the Hail Caesar rules again because I'm sure I am getting rusty and will forget all the important stuff next weekend.
  • Prepared the new ancient buildings for priming today.
The photo below shows the progress on the Libyan heavy infantry. These are the final eight soldiers to finish (you can see the already completed nine in the background). Then it is just the unit commander to make the full unit of eighteen figures.


  1. That's a damn fine painting Jonathan, keep it up!

  2. Good work Jonathan! To summarize, so much gaming & painting, so little time? ;-)

    I just love the Republican Rome era. Looking forward to your current and future projects.