Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Miniatures Everywhere and Not a One to Paint

What is supposed to be beautiful spring weather has instead been a week of blizzards, bitter winds and freezing temperatures. I had the best intentions to get several small items primed for painting early this week including the ancient buildings, a beautiful Carthaginian officer on horse and a Celt or two - but alas, I am left with nothing to paint until the weather improves later this week. I find myself wandering up to the painting table like a sad puppy.

The good news is the Republican Romans should be arriving any day now, so that will give me plenty to do. I have also ordered eight really fabulous Steampunk miniatures that I am getting excited to paint as the beginnings of an independent adventuring company for In Her Majesty's Name. More on those when they arrive....


  1. Which ones have you ordered?
    The first four companies, sculpted by Steve Saleh, are so magnificent I am actually nervous about laying paint on them in case I cover up any of the fine details...

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I am really looking forward to the game. My plan is to create my own company (from what I understand you can do that) - and so I didn't start with any of the four sculpted specifically for the game but I'm sure I will pick them up eventually.

      I have ordered some of the Victorian Sci-Fi figures by Ratnik.