Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Macpherson Banner Raised!

I was able to spend a quite day at home yesterday getting a lot of painting done and completing something that I have been looking forward to doing since I began this project: raising the Macpherson banner.

This is a flag that I designed myself and it is based on the Macpherson coat of arms. It is printed on standard paper and the folded around the flagpole. The two sides of the flag are glued together with standard white glue and then shaped into a somewhat realistic flag-ish shape while the glue dries. This is my first attempt at doing this and I think it turned out rather well.

I had some difficulty getting the pikes to stay in the pikemen's hands properly, but then realized that a little superglue at the butt of the pike where it touches the ground solves the problem. This gives a second contact point that will prevent the pikes from becoming twisted and coming free.

My models are finally starting to look like a proper ECW regiment!

The Macpherson banner is raised for the Royalists.

Touch Not the Cat But a Glove!


  1. Those are coming along nicely. The problem is that you are neglecting us terribly on Thursday nights.

  2. Lovely looking stand, that banner is very impressive.