Friday, May 18, 2012

More Books & Learning

As I am anxiously waiting for my first English Civil War models to arrive, I have plenty of time to read and research the topic. I have a university history degree, and so this is an important part of the wargaming hobby for me. I don't game simply for the sake of gaming, I endeavor to become learned and, while maybe not an expert, a person that can intelligently discuss the topic. Besides, the games themselves become richer and deeper if the historical context is appreciated and respected.

I recently received three books on the English Civil War from Osprey Publishing:
Scots Armies of the English Civil Wars
Soldiers of the English Civil War (1)
Pike and Shot Tactics, 1590-1660

While these are not serious history texts, they do give a very nice overview of the topics as well as providing the valuable and much needed illustrations of equipment, uniforms, heralds, flags and other topics important to a wargamer trying to paint armies in a way that (tries) to reflect historical accuracy. Plus, they are gorgeous books...

Moss Troopers, 1650-51

Strathbogie Regiment, Aberdeen, 1644

Irish Brigade, 1644-45

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