Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Scots are Lost

Eureka Miniatures 17th century Scottish Laird model
I wrote in my last post that I had ordered my first batch of models from Eureka Minatures. Well, they would have been here by now if not for some shameful shannanigans and incompetence from my local postal service. It seems my northern lads have got themselves lost. Anyway, the customer service at Eureka is top-shelf and so it will all work out the eventually.

Here is what I have coming:
14x Scottish Musketeer
10x Scottish Musketeer (many with bow)
4x Scottish with traditional clan weapons
4x Scottish with swords
1x Scottish Laird
1x Scottish piper

It is probably obvious that my first regiment will be a Royalist Highlander levy that fought under the Marquis of Montrose. I do have a very specific contingent in mind for these troops, but that will have to wait for a post of its own...

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