Sunday, March 18, 2012

A New Beginning...

I have been a war-gaming since my early childhood growing up in the western state of Idaho. My brother's and I would spend hour after hour setting up little plastic army men and then knocking them down as we simulated what we imagined to be some exotic battle in some far-away land (it is to be noted that we also did this with Star Wars action figures). As we grew older we began to formalize our games by purchasing rule sets (or rather, having our parents purchase them)... back then these were primarily in the form of Avalon Hill games that used tiny cardboard counters to represent the fighting forces - we thrived on Squad Leader and War and Peace. We didn't know that we we had become war-gaming hobbyists. but we had.

I am still playing games but without the cardboard counters - I prefer beautifully sculpted models that I can paint myself, display, and put on a grand table for gaming with friends. This new blog is where I intend to chronicle my hobby projects, I hope you enjoy it.

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