Monday, March 19, 2012

Hail Caesar!

To begin this process of returning to war-gaming specifally set in the ancient world I needed a set of rules so that I could field my armies and play to conclusion. There are many different rules sets available - some of them are very tournament oriented and tedious and some are very loose and well, not very well thought out. I had heard good things about the Hail Caesar rules that were written by Rick Priestly and published by Warlord Games. A friend at my local gaming club, also looking to play more historical games, mentioned that he would be purchasing the Hail Caesar rules to evaluate, and with that I ordered my own copy (its always good to have somebody else to play the games with).

After reading through the rule book I am very excited to give them a test drive on the gaming table. I wanted a rule-set in which a game could be completed within a reasonable amount of time (three hours is fine, I just don't want a game to last three days) but still allowed for the battles to feel epic with a good number of models on the table. I have played many "skirmish" style games that I enjoy very much, but I want something a bit grander for my historical gaming. Hail Caesar seems to fit the bill here perfectly - the rules are casual and meant for a more fun and relaxed atmosphere. The book was high quality, well laid out and very descriptive - and I loved the photography included.... talk about motivation to get painting!

So, for now at least, I will be using the Hail Caesar rules for my historical games. I will certainly give my full impression of the rules after my first game.

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