Sunday, May 5, 2013

Roman Velites: WIP No.2

One of the things I want to do differently with my Republican Romans is to paint them in such a way that the viewer say "wow, those guys have had a really hard time of it!". They should look as if they have been in a battle wearing dirty and worn tunics and carrying smashed and hacked shields.

Now, as with most things, painting the figures to look battle-worn is easier said than done. This is a work in progress of some Roman Velites from Aventine. I have replaced the supplied javelins with the NorthStar spears because I like the proportions of them better.


  1. Yup, they really look good. And they're still wip?

  2. There are some really subtle colour variations in the shields and tunics. Nice work, Jonathan.


  3. I do like the look of these fellows, especially the wolf cloak and the worn shields!

    In HC, are Velites rated as any other skirmisher or is there something special they get on the tabletop? I've just got to go out and buy the rules.

    1. Thanks Monty. In Hail Caesar the Velites can be fielded as either skirmishers or as light infantry. The difference really being that the light infantry gets a morale save and can move into some formations unavailable to skirmishers. Of course, if you are playing points the light infantry costs more.

    2. Interesting. Following along has got me hoping for an opportunity to paint and play ancients in 28mm myself some day. My FoG buddies have 15mm armies and have said they won't go 28mm. There lies the dilemma. ;-)