Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stalfeney: Initial Cartography

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a new project that I am going to be working on throughout the coming year is the fictional Dark Age land of Stalfeney. To get the new year off with a bang, I have designed several initial maps of this land that I wanted to share. These maps show the basic shape and physical geography of the land, the Ostlands (or regions), and the general area of settlement of the five peoples that inhabitant Stalfeney: the Thagards, the Fens, The Plyt, the Brigdhe and the Tolbhan. Details will be added to these maps as the project progresses.


  1. I'm very interested to see where this goes. Is this for a campaign or ruleset?

    After a lifetime of historical gaming, I tried ImagiNations via Maurice in 2012 and I now see the brilliance of creating your own history, backstory and all!

    1. Hi Monty - This should be a ton of fun. The current thinking is to use the Dux Bellorum rules for our games and we will certainly be creating and playing this as a very large campaign.