Thursday, October 18, 2012

The New Raphael Brushes

I got sick and tired of the Citadel brushes awhile ago - so I decided to treat myself to something nicer. After some shopping around locally, reading some reviews and talking to some artists, I bought some very nice (and a little pricey) Raphael series 8404 Kolinsky sable brushes. I have been using these new brushes for about a month and I have been blown away by their quality. These things are super smooth, have a beautiful point and stand up to my abuse very well. I am currently using Nos. 1, 0 and 3/0 with the No. 0 getting by far the most use. The brushes are rather slender, but after I got used to that I vowed never to look back.


  1. Very nice! I'll have to try these. I love my Winsor Newton Series 7... 0, 00, and 000

  2. I'm sure I've used these before, Citidel are a real waste of time and money!

  3. Your the second person to recomend these. The price in the UK is not that bad but the postage is high, a case of making extra profit. I will still try them when my brushes start to show signs of needing replacement.