Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taking Stock

After six months of being away I needed to take stock of where I am on my Punic Wars project and set some new goals for getting some things completed. I have picked back-up the Republican Romans and I am making some rapid progress on a small unit of principes. My stock of unpainted Romans is getting smaller and, after I complete this current unit, will have only one more unit of principes and one unit of triarii to paint to complete exactly half of my first legion's infantry.

Time to get another order in to Aventine. In addition to ordering the other half of the legion's infantry (two units of velites, two units of hastati, two units of principes and one unit of triarii) I will also be ordering some Roman cavalry at the same time so I can be sure to get those started soon.

I'm planning on having a small game of Hail Caesar with my son Maxwell in a few weeks. Carthaginians versus the might of Rome. I'm excited to move some units around the table again, but I am pretty sure I have forgotten nearly every rule of Hail Caesar. Time to read the book again.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Long, Cold Winter

Hi everybody, It is good to be back! This winter has been, for various professional and personal reasons, a very odd season. I have been obviously distracted from the hobby as I have dealt with both fantastic and difficult circumstances these past six months. Things seem to be sorted at the moment and I am returning to a life that will not only be happy, but filled with plenty of time available to once again pursue this hobby that I enjoy so much.

I hope the handful of readers that I had before my abrupt departure are still around and that you are still well. I'll be visiting your blogs and checking up on your progress over the next few days. ;) As much as I have missed painting and gaming, I have missed interacting with the community just as much. Time for me to get caught up.

I have been  back at the painting table working again on my Roman Republic army while listening to the Ancient Warfare podcast. That is some good inspiration! Below is a WIP of four Roman principes that are nearly complete (figures by Aventine).